The Rise Of Virtual Reality In Real Estate

17 February 2016 / By rbradmin

Open house visits are a fun way to explore a property, but when you go for a visit, you have to imagine what it might look like with your own furniture, setup and style.

You may know the space is a great fit for your needs, but the current owner’s furniture, staged furniture or empty rooms might not be conducive to really understanding what the home would look like if you moved in. Thanks to new developments in real estate tech, the days of imagining may soon be behind us.

Now technology is looking to fill this imagination gap through the use of virtual and augmented reality, giving buyers and sellers a new way to experience properties. As a real estate industry executive, I take an active interest in any technology that improves the overall customer experience in real estate. Here are some of the companies worth keeping track of as they continue to innovate with technology.

Immerse Yourself With Matterport

Property photos have been a key part of property marketing for decades, but thanks to advances in video and internet technology, there is no need to view properties in only two dimensions.

Before long, you’ll be able to attach a VR headset to your phone and get an open house experience without having to go to the property in person.


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